From now on, we are producing chocolate topper with individual images printed on both sides as desired and in various sizes and formats.



Our guiding principle is:


Make us your most beautiful decoration for your cake!


We will always make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with us. Our focus is always on high customer service. For us, quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

Through our conduct and our daily performance, we want to gain and maintain the trust, recognition and appreciation of our business partners.  When dealing with our business partners and all other parties involved, we behave honestly, honestly, transparently and in accordance with the law. We comply with applicable legal regulations and local standards. In case of doubt, we prefer to apply the stricter regulation. 


Our products are all made with love and care.

In addition to customer-oriented quality efforts, the cost-optimized achievement of the agreed quality of our products is the focus of our efforts in terms of long-term corporate security.

Fulfilling the wishes of our customers through reliable products, services, competent advice and the most error-free, timely and environmentally friendly project execution.


It is important to us that we always comply with and live the applicable hygiene measures (HACCP).

We are constantly working on new ideas and methods to improve our products.

Through flexibility and customization, we want to increase our customer satisfaction.

The above principles are the benchmark for the continuous improvement of our business conduct.




Sanja Funtek